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Fashionably late to the party again! Well, it may not be 1999 in the real world anymore, but it still is in my heart. So, here's all the virtual chains that CD5K is happy to be a link in.

If you've arrived here via a ring, welcome! The main page will tell you what this particular corner of the web is about. If you just explored the site, and are searching for the next adventure, here's a few.


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Neocities Rings

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Other rings are pending; their navbars will be added upon approval.

I would've had some Webringo rings on here, but virtually all of them are run by one person. You do not need to be in charge of THAT many things, opossumsally! All that was left for me to consider joining was the Domains ring.. You do not need THAT many websites, Eunice from Wales!

Also, does anyone still use Ringsurf? It seems like everything I find on there, only one in eight sites is still up, let alone active.

(The Rail)
R.I.P. The Rail