Privacy Policy (2018-05-30)

CD5K > Privacy,,,,, and are static websites that do not knowingly collect or store any information about their visitors.

However, it is possible that the information transmitted via HTTP requests (including your IP address, browser User Agent, and referring URL) may be retained and analyzed by their respective hosting providers for security reasons.

External Resources

All other content appearing on is entirely self-hosted.

These sites contain links to other sites that are outside of my control, and which feature privacy policies different to my own.

Community Hub

Areas of require registering an account to make use of their features. Personal information collected during account creation includes your email address, which is used solely to contact you regarding the status of your account. uses cookies to maintain a logged-in state. These may be safely removed at any time should you wish to log out of your account.

The IP address that you transmit posts from is stored, and may be analyzed for security and moderation purposes.

Any other information is voluntarily provided by you and can be removed at your leisure, either via editing your profile or deleting your posts.

Your information is not used by us in any other way, except when required to comply with laws or the orders of law enforcement.

COPPA Disclosure

This site is intended for use solely by persons aged 18 and older, and thus does not knowingly collect information from children under the age of 13.