Neocities Discord Servers (2020-01-04)

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(Looking for CD5K's Discord server? It's this way.)

This is a list of every known Discord server that is about Neocities or populated by its users. If you run or are in one that isn't mentioned below, feel free to invite me (BytemothOwns#4633) there.

Many of these have similar rules and may forbid: spamming, posting NSFW (outside of designated channels), going off topic, being an asshole, and racism, sexism, homophobia, transmisia, and/or politics.

Penny's Club
Admin: Jack

The popular zone to chat about Neocities and its sites.

Admin: MIA

Totally awesome spot with color roles and huge personalities.

Pippin's Place
Admin: personally-comfy

A district for discussing Districts, and Neocities.

Unofficial Neocities Server
Admin: Sudo9

A fun, kind, and creative way to get into web development.

Cool And Good
Admin: Pizza Squeeze

Official discussion server for the new subring project.

There's always room for more!

There also exist a few servers which aren't directly about Neocities, but are run by members of the community:

Teh United States of NeoZonia
Admin: TEH LEROY/OwlMan

Poppin' hangout with cool folks, custom emoji, and live music.

Night Mode
Admin: Wastebin

May or may not be a cult which I'm the mascot of.

Some Kinda 90's Server
Admin: 90's Gen Z Kid

The future sucks, so we're hauling ourselves back into the past!

New Leroystan City

Leroystan.. two! Now with even more piss and love.

[Insert Funky Name Here]
Admin: Spoopz

A space to chill with fellow memers, artists, and gamers.

the ville
Admin: Jerry Lehr

Loads of areas to talk about all hobbies and aspects of life.
Admin: Morgan VT

Discuss games, programming, and why every modern OS sucks.

MineRobber's World
Admin: MineRobber

A calm place to immerse yourself in new projects.

Admin: Malmadork

Tech tests, game dev, and weekly recommendations.

Your server here, just ask!


You will want to download the DHT Viewer to use these. All files are in BZip2 format, which should be extractable with any decent archiving utility.

Neocities (4.9 MiB)

All messages sent to the original main Neocities server.

Districts (1.0 MiB)

What was said in Somnolescent's Districts server before deletion.

Republic of OwlMania (0.6 MiB)

The logs of OwlMan's discontinued fan-server. (NSFW channel included)

Teh Republic of Leroystan (1.1 MiB)

The history of this fine nation before its merge with OwlMania.

Waterfall Social (3.08 MiB)

Full archive of WFS's repairs server before it was Snapped.

Are you next?